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The Exceptional Diamond Collection

Forevermark is built on the promise that each diamond must be beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced.
The Exceptional Diamond Collection represents the pinnacle of that promise, containing some of the most exquisite diamonds in the world.

Every year, only a select number of Exceptional Diamonds are discovered. They are kept separate from other diamonds from the
very first moment - their carat weight and singular beauty instantly marking them out as truly remarkable.

The Forevermark Exceptional Atacama Diamond available at James & Williams Jewelers

The Atacama Sky

This diamond pierces the darkness
with the brilliance of the brightest stars
in the sky. Neither celestial nor earthbound,
it is caught between worlds.
Ever changing, its curved outline dazzles
as it twists in the night. Intolerably beautiful,
this diamond is light itself.

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The Forevermark Exceptional Eternal Sky Diamond available at James & Williams Jewelers

The Eternal Sky

As this diamond turns, the light reflects
playfully on its surface – just as the light
of the sun is scattered on the gleaming surface
of the sea. Every supremely cut edge marks a
collision of worlds, intensifying the earthly light
and creating glittering, otherworldly new forms.

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The Forevermark Exceptional Jewel of Capricorn Diamond available at James & Williams Jewelers

The Jewel of Capricorn

This diamond brings to mind the meeting
of two elemental forces: the raging ocean
and the unimaginable pressures in the depths
of the Earth. Its vivid color, intensifed by
time, amplifies everything in its orbit:
light, shadow, energy and possibility.

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The Forevermark Exceptional Song of Lyra Diamond available at James & Williams Jewelers

The Song of Lyra

Ancient and wise, this diamond looks down,
surveying its world.
It recalls every contour of the world by heart,
for it has known this land since before it was born.
Time has only intensified its grandeur.
Nothing can match its magnificent stature
- and nothing can tame it

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The making of a masterpiece

The potential of an Exceptional Diamond is clear even in its rough form. But it is only when one of the world's
finest diamantaires cuts and polishes it, using intricate skills handed down through the generations, that its full,
astonishing beauty is revealed.

It then travels to the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Antwerp, where it must undergo a 27-point evaluation.
At the end of this rigorous process, only diamonds of the utmost quality are awarded Exceptional status.

Forevermark Diamond Inscription

An inscription with meaning

The Forevermark inscription is a symbol of the Forevermark promise and guarantees that the diamond
is genuine and responsibly sourced. Invisible to the naked eye, the inscription on each Exceptional Diamond
carries the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number that captures several of its key details:
the year it was discovered, its rough carat weight, and its polished carat weight.
Entirely unique, it is a symbol of the diamond's distinct characteristics and individual journey.

As part of De Beers Group, Forevermark invests heavily in the wellbeing of the people in their mining communities,
and in wildlife conservation on the land around their mines. When you acquire an Exceptional Diamond,
you are making a real contribution to this work.

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