William Henry

Boots and Denim Sodalite & Wooly Mammoth Tooth Bead Bracelet – Size Large


This bracelet features gorgeous beads crafted from the molar tooth of a Wooly Mammoth, found on the sea floor after 10,000 years. Each bead is polished by hand, and no two are alike. Hand-matched and strung together, the effect is remarkable. Accent beads in sterling silver and Sodalite, with a sterling silver clasp. Inspired by the frontier, ‘Boots and Denim’ is a very limited offering from William Henry.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Fossil Mammoth Tooth & Sodalite

Dimensions: Mammoth Bead: 10MM, Sodalite Bead: 8MM, Sterling Silver Bead: 10 and 12MM

SKU: 7JB 2969 Manufacturer part number: BB9 MT - LG
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