William Henry

Kells Cross II Onyx & Mammoth Tooth Pendant – 22 Inches


Our stylized take on the classic cross iconography, the ‘Kells Cross II’ pendant is a striking statement around the neck. Sculpted and skeletonized sterling silver pendant that is reversible, with a day/night or yin/yang motif that showcases fossil Woolly Mammoth tooth on one side (about 10,000 year old), and black onyx on the opposite. Offered on our exclusive braided Kevlar cord, soft and durable, and finished with a fine sterling silver clasp.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Black Onyx, Kevlar & Fossil Mammoth Tooth

Dimensions: 2 1/8″ tall X 1.5″ wide

SKU: 7JN 3268 Manufacturer part number: P10 MT - 22"
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